Why Accredent?

Accredent is the longest-serving most experienced Internet of Things connected, data-driven, AI-enabled business specialists in the industry.


For more than a decade, we have enabled organizations to succeed at smarter products, smarter services and smarter business.

Accredent was instrumental in helping develop a solid approach and road-map for our business and ensuring the entire team met commitments and delivered results.

- NASDAQ Client -

Accredent had a real ability to accelerate and build momentum for our initiative. They helped with all the technical aspects as wells as establishing a "Case for Change."

- Private Company Client -​​

​Accredent's ability to deliver sound insights and approaches, and facilitate others proved invaluable to our efforts.

- NASDAQ Client -

​Both Business and technology savvy, Accredent's approach, experience, insights and collaborative style have proven very effective for us.

- NASDAQ Client -

​Accredent's role was to help us 'Cross the Chasm' from good ideas to a sustainable business. They offer significant benefit to technologists who want to create a new sustainable business.

- Emerging Technology Company Client -​

Accredent are exceptional advisors to founders of a young start-up who needed a mature viewpoint on how to manage a growing enterprise.

- Emerging Technlogy Client -

Accredent brought a level of experience, dedication, commitment, and energy to their projects that maximize their value and contributions to our organization.

- NASDAQ Client -

The  buy-side and alliance process that the Accredent team use among one of the best I have seen. They were able to address multiple strategic initiatives, and identify a range of quality acquisition and alliance partners across a large number of sectors and numerous geographies - including emerging markets.  
They integrated easily into our team, brought strong experience and delivered thorough analysis. We highly recommend Accredent and their approach.

- NASDAQ Client -

What we do?

We are a team of strategists, business developers, technologists, designers and change experts who enable organizations and new ventures to create connected data-driven business success.


We work with you as experienced best-practice partners and enablers of new business models, improved customer journeys and experiences, value-driven engineering, efficient IoT/AI connected data-driven operations, and successful digital transformation and growth. Accredent has enabled clients to launch new digital business ventures, capture customer engagement opportunities, and strengthen the performance of existing assets and capabilities across a range of industries and markets.

Our History

Founded in 2009 out of four years of engagements with companies that created many of today's Internet of Things and Advanced Analytics technologies, use cases, and business models. Today, Accredent enables new ventures and the world’s leading organizations in consumer, commercial, and industrial markets..

Our Mission

We support leaders and teams striving to achieve demanding revenue, growth and value creation objectives in an increasingly challenging business environment of technology-driven opportunity, change and disruption.

Our Engagements

Our engagements are comprehensive, periodic or involve only critical pieces. We have been engaged by senior management, entrpreneurs, and innovation and operations leaders challenged to bridge the gap between connected products and operations to connected business. 

Our Approach

We enable client success through advisory, consulting engagements and workshop driven programs,  Engagements are collaborative and highly focused on addressing specific challenges and specific opportunities.  Each engagement is designed to create focus, build momentum and accelerate progress towards the business' objectives.

Our Value Addition

We create value for the leaders and businesses we serve through our unique combination of deep experience, proven approaches, knowledge of what the best companies do, data-driven insight and objectivity, delivery model, business and technology acumen, and outcome-focus that drives 80% of our business from referrals and repeat clients.

Accredent Headquarters
Accredent, LLC

is headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota and serves technology, manufacturing and service business clients near and far.

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