Realizing great technology offerings comes from engaged people enabled by solid process.

We think and act like business owners, tech entrepreneurs, business developers and savvy change agents.
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The biggest challenge connected data-driven ventures face is securing the first group of key customers and standing up the organization.  A similar challenge exists for companies already well-established, but who need to take their business model in a new directions or push it to a new level.

Are you ready?





We've learned how to engage organizations, markets, and digital and conventional channels and ecosystems around connected data-driven offerings. We help organizations mature their organizations teams and infrastructure, build and track capabilities and customer engagement incrementally through a proven best-practice multi-track maturity development approach. We help companies cut through all the noise of in markets and ecosystems, and internal decision makers, to quickly gain real-time understanding of players, and get heard by internal decision makers at those at key customer and partner targets.  


Our value clearly derives from the powerful combination of knowing what to do, when to do it, and knowing who to engage and when.  Accredent supports the complete proven digital business transformation process through our team and our partner network, incorporating: business strategy, business model transition, infrastructure and customer alignment, operations alignment, and business scaling.

  • Business Transformation

  • Customer Engagement

  • Value Engineering 

  • Embedded Design

  • Data Science & Machine Learning

  • Data Infrastructure

  • Lean Start-up 

  • New venture business development

  • Change Management

  • State-Gate Integration

  • Agile Project Management

  • Scrum & Kanban

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Behavior- & Test-Driven Development

  • Total Quality Management

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The Scale Accelerator Program

Our concierge-style program fosters and accelerates successful scale and exit. We take new and emerging Internet of Things and data analytics ventures to the next level – making scale accessible, opening doors to scale round capital, mentoring for accelerated value creation and early exit.