Iteratively executing on an endgame-driven strategy drives success.

We think and act like business owners, tech entrepreneurs, business developers and savvy change agents.

​Smart products, services, operations and customer experiences and journeys are converging into new smart business models delivering compelling new opportunities to connect with the new generation of experience-focused consumers, and laying the groundwork for a whole new more agile more valuable business reality.

Are you ready?



We seamlessly move strategy from thinking to doing, by connecting the strategy with design and realization to translate the endgames into successful strategies, business models, acquisitions, operations, products and services, and value creation.

Over the past decade, we have learned that strategy is not a long one-time effort that produces definitive answers. It’s an ongoing iterative effort. By constantly challenging conventional thinking and turning insights into solutions, we progress towards the endgame.

We bring a unique DNA and partner ecosystem to the table. We are top-tier strategic business developers, tech innovation entrepreneurs, product design people, doers, pragmatists, makers who have made a real difference. Strategy is not only about frameworks, models, analysis, insight, roadmaps and execution – its a means to achieving an end for the business and the customers.

  • Trends & Insights

  • Opportunity Exploration

  • Business Design

  • Roadmap Development

  • Strategy Validation

  • New Ventures

  • Co-Creation

  • Ideation

  • Strategy and Planning Facilitation

  • Strategic Sprints and Storytelling

  • Branding Infusion

  • Ecosystem Mapping

  • M&A Screening and due diligence

  • Business Case Definition

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research

  • Partnership Exploration

  • Business Prototyping

IoTFuse Strategy Roundtable

Industry luminaries Kent Strand of Accredent, Ashis Bhattacharya of Winnebago and John Hogue of General Mills discuss the critical need for Internet of Things strategies and initiatives to focus more on customer and business value and less on technology at 2017 IoTFuse Conference's keynote: IoT Strategy Roundtable.

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