Connected Data-driven  Products and Services

Connected Data-driven Customer Experiences and Journeys

Internet of Things and data analytics are fundamentally redefining customer intimacy and brand affinity, changing how we compete for customer attention, and even how we operate our businesses.

With 86% of customers willing to pay more for a great customer experience, and 89% to switch brands due a poor one. Connected Data-driven Customer Journey Experiences offer a pathway to superior business performance.

Are your ready?

Physical Space. New Customer Experience Relationships.

Alexa, Google, Apple voice appliances have turned residences into hyper-local, -contextual, - personalized experiences in physical spaces not dissimilar from that offered by the best e-commerce sites and internet 2.0. Building understanding of behaviors and wants and needs, and delivering contextually detailed physical world experiences to match them, even at a physical distance.


In commercial spaces beacons, RF sensors and digital displays provide companies the ability to generate new business from through traffic and loyalty scheme incentives, to turn physical spaces into subtle and overt two way conversations, to eliminate pain points and process bottlenecks, and to deliver richer customer experiences and associated brand value have driven rapid adoption.

Smart Products. New Customer Experience Relationships.

While the brand experience within physical spaces is becoming more like web and e-commerce spaces, products and services themselves are also changing to be more like smart phones and apps. Products are becoming smart service platforms offering hyper-local, -contextual, -personalized services, and delivering deep insights into behaviors and preferences, and wants and needs, to learn contextual insights and deliver new interactions for better services, compelling customer experiences, frictionless customer journeys, interoperability with other product/service experiences and increase spend and loyalty.

Better Business Agility Through Aligned Experience, Journeys and Operations.

New modern connected customer journeys form as on-line, physical and product customer experiences merge seamlessly into one experience – pre-sales, post-sales and resale – across the entire brand journey and value chain. Each customer journey touch-point captures insights about points of friction and opportunities to improve customer experience. These insights inform operational improvements to remove friction and improve experience.  This virtuous loop of insights and improvements become a source of continuously improving business agility and transitional competitive advantage. This is where all business in migrating to in one form or another.

Innovate and Improve Business Models

Connected data-driven business models allow companies to strengthen their ties to the customer and create new revenue sources.  A thoughtfully planned and well executed connected data-driven and customer experience-driven business model can change the basis of competition and creates sustainable structural advantages that can take even the best "fast followers" several years to emulate.

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