Realize Connected Data-Driven Business Value

Realizing the tremendous business value creation opportunity offered by IoT Connected AI Data-driven Innovation is now a primary strategic and tactical challenges of modern business leadership.


Accredent has become successful enabling organizations and teams to realize business value through connected data-driven strategy, formulations of business models, design of customer experiences and journeys, stand-up of capabilities and infrastructure, activation of new venture business development roadmaps, and change around digital business transformation inside your organization and within your customer organizations.  


How to work with us?


Accredent experience and best practice approach is applied and brought to life through client engagements. We help organizations understand and make connected data-driven business real. There are several ways Accredent can help you with your connected data-driven business initiatives:

  • Strategy Consulting. Accredent creates strategies and plans to help organizations drive growth and business and customer success with IoT and Data. Our team provides needs assessments, strategy roadmaps, and pragmatic recommendations to address a range of strategic challenges and opportunities.

  • Executive and Team Workshops. Engage Accredent to help make the business case to executives or arm your team with new knowledge, skills, structure and desire to succeed with your initiative.

  • Advisory. Retain Accredent for ongoing best-practice advisory: conduct an ad-hoc session to address an immediate challenge; or gain deeper access into insights and strategy counsel.

Take Action with an Executive Briefing

Increase market share, customer satisfactions and profitability.


The Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics are changing the game in industry after industry, from automobiles to thermostats to retail. Failure to successfully connect IoT and analytics to the business can be devastatingly expensive in terms of lost opportunity, stalled momentum and failed investment. Our executive briefing will provide you with a proven best-practice process to connect to IoT and Analytics to business to increase market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

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