Realize Connected Data-Driven Business Growth

A top-tier boutique specialist in IoT/AI data-driven "smart" business. One of the longest serving thought leaders in the industry. For more than a decade, Accredent has enabled leaders and teams to capture growth opportunities, create winning strategy and business models, undertake M&A and digital transformation, develop digital business ventures and offerings, and digitally strengthen the performance of existing assets and capabilities.


Accredent starts with Understanding the Business End Game. Winning at connected data-driven business begins with deeps understanding of industry dynamics, customer value, business model, transformational advantage and value creation.


Accredent focuses on Visualizing and Creating ValueIts not enough to have a use case and customer experience defined. Value creation means bringing the capability to life in a way that is gets customers and the organization ready to realize it.


Accredent's unique approach Realizes Opportunity and ValueIt's hard work to realize connected data-driven business. It means connecting with customers and channels, securing internal stakeholders, and building and acquiring organizational capabilities to deliver.

Industry 4.0

Operational Internet of Things and Artificial 

Intelligence are here to stay, and there is tremendous value at stake.  With modular structured factory smart factories monitor cyber physical processes, create virtual copies of the physical world, and make decentralized decisions.

Connected Products and Services

The age of connected data-driven customer experience has arrived.  AI and Internet of Things are fundamentally redefining customer journeys and experiences, how we build our products and operate our businesses, and how we build brand affinity as how we compete for customer 

attention and relevance .

Venture Acceleration

New smart connected data-driven product and service innovators must secure their first group of customers to succeed, a similar challenge exists for companies already in business but who want to take their existing businesses in new directions or push it to a new level through smarter products and services.

Accredent Has Been Building IoT & AI Businesses for a Decade
Accredent was instrumental in helping develop a solid approach and roadmap for our business and ensuring the entire team met commitments and delivered results.

- NASDAQ Client -

How to work with Accredent?


We think like business owners, tech entrepreneurs, business developers and change agents. We make IoT-connected AI-driven business growth real. 

  • Strategy. Design. Development. Apply Accredent's decade-long thought leadership, proven best-practices approach, vendor-agnostic capabilities and industry network to realize successful business growth from applied internet of things and artificial intelligence technologies. 

  • Leader and Team Facilitation. Engage Accredent to help make the business case, arm teams with new knowledge, skills, structure and desire to move beyond initial technology-first approaches and realize sustainable customer value, competitive advantage, superior business models, and marketplace success. 

  • Board and Executive Advisory. Retain Accredent for ongoing best-practice advisory: gain deeper access into insights and organic and inorganic strategy support and counsel, conduct M&A screens and due diligence, and undertake ad-hoc projects to address an immediate business development challenge.

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