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IoT Connected Data-driven Digital Experience.

The age of the connected data-driven consumer relationship is here. Internet of Things is fundamentally redefining customer intimacy and brand affinity, changing how we compete for customer attention, and even how we operate our businesses. Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, social, commerce, physical, smart products and advanced analytics driven customer interactions are converging to deliver compelling new customer experiences necessary to connect to effectively connect with the new generation of experience-focused consumers, while laying the groundwork for a whole new business reality.

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Physical spaces (retail, offices, stadiums, malls, casinos, concerts, events, outdoor spaces) into real-time engaging customer experiences. Products are transitioning from physical "things" into platforms for delivering customer experiences and customer-focused business processes. These smart spaces, smart products, mobile and internet 2.0 have formed the basis for the modern internet of things connected data-driven customer journey.

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Leaders turn to Accredent to combine online experiences, retail and other physical space experiences, and post-purchase product usage experiences into two-way dialogue - pre-purchase, post-purchase and back again across the entire customer journey. Collecting data to understand patterns of behaviors, wants and needs delivering contextual and detailed real world customer experiences to those wandering a space or using the product.

IoT Modern Customer Jurney.pngConnected Customer Journeys. Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics are radically changing the nature of consumer experiences and brand marketing. Turning physical spaces (retail, offices, stadiums, malls, casinos, concerts, events) into real-time engaging customer experiences. Turning products from simply physical "things" into platforms for delivering services to deliver customer experiences... 


IoT Connected Customer Journey and Digital Experience Services.

Map Current Customer Experience.

Develop map of the process of capturing the total customer experience across all touch points and identifying the gaps.

Opportunity Identification

Deliver strategic options, untapped brand potential, marketing and sales improvements, customer lifetime value improvements, profit & value drivers, and strategic alignment.

Customer Experience & Business Model Innovation.

Guide connected data-driven innovation, business model innovation, value innovation, CX innovation, and offering innovation initiatives.

Formulation and Deployment.

Target, plan and execute entry strategy & deployment and, provide financial support.

Organizational Engagement.

Establish "case for change." Guide organizational alignment and design. Buy-in and implementation support.

Enterprise Value Management.

Perform business valuation.  Advise on value-based management. Guide Financial Strategy.

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