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New Venture Scale Acceleration.​

We take new and emerging Internet of Things and Data-Analytics Ventures to the next level - making scale accessible, opening doors to scale round capital, mentoring accelerated value creation and early exit.


Accredent are exceptional advisors to founders of a young start-up who needed a mature viewpoint on how to manage a growing enterprise.

- Emerging Technlogy Client -

Accredent brought a level of experience, dedication, commitment,  and energy to their projects that maximize their value and contributions to our organization.

- NASDAQ Client -

Accredent's role was to help us 'cross the chasm' from good ideas to a sustainable business. They offer significant benefit to technologists who want to create new sustainable businesses.

- Emerging Technology Client -​​


Tip on Scaling Your Business from a $40 Million Entrepreneur

Accelerate Scale. 

The biggest challenge a new technology focused company faces is securing that first group of key customers. A similar challenge exists for companies already in business but who want to take their business in a new direction and push it to the next level.​

Developing a new market and customer base is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business or changing the direction of an existing one. Accredent has been helping companies with business development for years. We understand how to engage markets, and digital and conventional channels and ecosystems. We can help your company cut through all the noise in markets and ecosystems to quickly gain real-time understanding of the players, and get heard by decision makers at key customer and partner targets. Our value clearly derives from the powerful combination of knowing whom to call and knowing what to do. Accredent can support the complete business development go-to-market and scaling process.

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Accelerate Exit.​​

Of businesses which are for sale only 25% are sold. 33% at the desired valuation. The primary reason is that exits are so poorly understood is simply because they don't happen very often, and most leaders don't have the experience necessary to undertake the development work.

Leaders of emerging ventures need to always be moving forward "with the end in mind." After building a saleable company, most entrepreneurs fail to successfully exit.​ Exit is actually just another business process. Done right, the valuation and time line are just as predictable as other, more familiar, business processes like hiring, product development, financing activities or marketing campaigns. Leaders turn to Accredent for Exit Strategy and Development that enable them to understand, design and execute an optimum exit for their company.​​


rowers.jpgAre All Your Internet of Things Partnership Oars in the Water? Given the complex nature of the Internet of Things business and technology value chain, ecosystem engagement will be critical to the ability of many businesses to take full advantage of the new growth opportunities offered by, and prevent the disruption possible from, the increasingly pervasive and converging technologies around internet-of-things...

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How Early Should I Sell My Technology Business?  In today's market, businesses do not need to be profitable or a certain revenue level to sell.  Entrepreurs need only "prove the business model."  At the point that the business model has been proven, owners should consider selling since the IRR typically maximizes at this time.  Too often, founders do not consider exit until after they are well past this point and end up selling for the same valuation they could have achieved many years earlier - time they will never get back. Worse yet, given the limited shelf-life of technology businesses, those not sold by their seventh year are typically not sold and often fail completely. 


Scale and Exit Accelerator Services.


Scale Acceleration.

Assess target markets and market opportunities. Deploy lean startup customer engagement model. Analyze competitors.  Test market fit. Develop key sales policies and processes that can be used to develop a scalable sales model. Sales tools, business model, and customer model refinement.  Secure first key customers.

Exit Strategy.

Identify exit and benchmark valuation opportunities and develops objective goals. Test critical factors to ensure exit will succeed.  Identify valuation modifiers. Roadmap Business development approaches to engage strategic buyers effectively. Test critical factors to ensure exit will succeed.  Identify valuation modifiers.​ Support for purchase, financing, problem solving and issue tracking around Exit. Strategic support. Modeling of deal terms. Identify performance issues.


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Accredent is located in Minneapolis, MN USA and serves clients near and far.


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