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  Unlock Your Connected Data-driven Future.​​​

Creating business value through end-to-end connected data-driven ​initiatives, activation of new product/service solution road maps, design of new customer experiences and business models, and change leadership around digital business transformation inside companies and within customer organizations is now one of the primary strategic and tactical challenges of business leadership. ​Thoughtful strategy, and well-led product innovation, user experience, monetization and alignment of existing assets and the organization will be key to a positive goal-directed digital transformation capable of contributing to significant growth and value creation in new ventures or existing organizations.


  What we do?

​​​​​​Accredent is a nine year-old full-service team of strategists, designers, technologists, workshop leaders who help turn new ventures and existing companies into successful Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics enabled connected data-driven businesses. We are experienced ​leaders in digital innovation, monetization, and digital business building, helping clients to launch new digital business ventures and capture opportunities, as well as strengthen the performance of existing ​assets and capabilities.​​


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It all starts with the business.  Winning in IoT and Analytics begins with a deep understanding of industry dynamics, customer value, business models, transformational advantage. ​ From the right business and customer-focused ideation comes successful commercial and operational opportunity.

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Its not enough to have a concept. ​Value creation means bringing the idea to life in a way that is meaningful – creating compelling user experience and operational excellence, designing it, prototyping it and ​getting the organization and the customers ready to realize it.

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Its not glamorous to move past proof-of-concept ​- its hard work​​ to realize value from IoT and Analytics​ initiatives. ​ It means architecting a solution​ and making sure it gets built and launched on time and budget – ​all the while connecting it ​with customers and channels, securing internal stakeholders, and building organizational capabilities to deliver it on an on-going basis.​

  Connect Data Analytics & IoT to Business Success.

In 2018, 67% of organizations are undertaking IoT and data analytics initiatives. According to Cisco research, just 1.5% of executives have a clear vision of what these technologies will do for them, 60% of these initiatives will stall at proof-of-concept and only 26% will achieve business success. 

Failure to successfully connect IoT and data analytics initiatives with the business can be devastatingly expensive in terms of lost opportunity, failed investment, and stalled momentum.  A proven best-practices approach based on deep experience, thoughtful alignment with your business and customers, and goal-driven execution greatly increases your odds of success.

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  Top Tier Connected Data-Driven Business Specialists.

  Connecting Data Analyt​ics and IoT for Nine Years.​

Our differential advantage is best summed up by our clients...

Accredent was instrumental in helping develop a solid approach and road-map for our business and ensuring the entire team met commitments and delivered results.

- NASDAQ Client -

Accredent had a real ability to accelerate and build momentum for our initiative. They helped with all the technical aspects as wells as establishing a "Case for Change."

- Private Company Client -​​

Accredent's ability to deliver sound insights and approaches, and facilitate others proved invaluable to our efforts.

 - NASDAQ Client -

Both Business and technology savvy, Accredent's approach, experience, insights and collaborative style have proven very effective for us.

- NASDAQ Client -

Accredent's role was to help us 'Cross the Chasm' from good ideas to a sustainable business.  They offer significant benefit to technologists who want to create a new sustainable business.

- Emerging Technology Company Client -​

Accredent are exceptional advisors to founders of a young start-up who needed a mature viewpoint on how to manage a growing enterprise.

- Emerging Technlogy Client -

Accredent brought a level of experience, dedication, commitment,  and energy to their projects that maximize their value and contributions to our organization.

- NASDAQ Client -​

Accredent has multiple engagement options to make it easy to take action. ​



Accredent is located in Minneapolis, MN USA and serves clients near and far.