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In 2020, Where ​Will Your Business Be? Where will You be?

For nine years leaders striving to meet demanding objectives have turned to Accredent to extend their expertise and capabilities, and increase their odds of success with Connected Data-Driven Strategy, Digital Transformation and Business Development.  Accredent works side-by-side with Boards, CxOs, Leaders and Teams​ to identify strategies and execute connected data-driven business initiatives that transform markets and businesses, accelerate revenue, sustain growth and create new shareholder value.​


connected business.png"Powerful new data available to companies, together with new configurations and capabilities of smart, connected products, is restructuring the traditional functions of business—sometimes radically."

"These new types of products alter industry structure and the nature of competition, exposing companies to new competitive opportunities and threats. They are reshaping industry boundaries and creating entirely new industries. In many companies, smart, connected products will force the fundamental question...

'What business am I in?''"

- Michael Porter - Harvard Strategy Professor, Author of Competitive Strategy & Competitive Advantage

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What Business Am I In?

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Advanced Data Analytics make clear that digital technology is not just another tool. It has become the foundation of a new connected data-driven way of doing business, as well as giving rise to entirely new businesses. ​​

Smart connected data-driven offerings and operations are changing business models, the nature of customer value, and even the basis for competition. Businesses and industries are being disrupted and transformed.

There will be 100 billion connected devices expected by 2025, leading to a trillion sensor ecosystem and 1 billion digital natives expected to join the workforce over the next seven years.  In a hyper-connected era of digital experience, mobile, social, cloud, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things; future business models will depend on the availability of more data flowing through more systems, being accessed and used by more people.

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​IoT Connected Data-Driven Growth and Transformation.

Formulating end-to-end connected data-driven strategies, leading the activation of new product/service solution roadmaps, designing new customer experiences and business models, and championing digital business transformation inside companies and within customer organizations will be a primary strategic and tactical challenge going forward.

Thoughtful market and customer-focused organic and inorganic strategy, engaging connected data-driven customer journeys, compelling user experiences, well-led product innovation, and evolution of existing assets and intellectual property will be key to positive goal-directed and customer-focused digital transformation that is capable of addressing digital disruption, contributing to new growth and value creation, and moving beyond just another proof-of-concept.

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Accelerate and Sustain Growth, Profitability and

​Customer Satisfaction. Increase Enterprise Value.

Strategize, Innovate, Monetize, Transform Your Offerings and Your Business.

Accredent's IoT Connected Customer Journeys framework is a proven process for developing, implementing and executing powerful connected data-driven strategy that can increase market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.​

Internet of Things and data analytics are fundamentally redefining customer intimacy and brand affinity, changing how we compete for customer attention, and even how we operate our businesses. Learn how IoT, mobile, social, commerce, physical, and smart product customer interactions are converging to deliver compelling new customer experiences and laying the groundwork for a whole new business reality. See the technologies and platforms that make this happen and understand how businesses are utilizing connected customer journeys for their own product success, and company digital transformation.

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Top-Tier IoT Connected Data-Driven Business Specialists.

Accredent has multiple engagement options to make it easy to take action. 

We recognize the leaders have weeks - not months - to plan and execute. Accredent engagements are highly focused on addressing specific growth challenges and specific growth opportunities.  Each engagement is designed to create focus, build momentum, and accelerate progress towards a leader's specific objectives.

Accredent guarantees our work to ensure client satisfaction and alignment of incentives.



Accredent is located in Minneapolis, MN USA and serves clients near and far.